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Cutting-edge dynamic web development solutions that magnificent user experience and amplifies return on investment (ROI). Contact us now for web development solutions.

web development


Web Development is a broad term that involves all the tasks in developing a website, mobile app, desktop app for World Wide Web. In tandem with User Interface, User Experience design and development plays a crucial role in the success of your online business.

eCommerce Development

We deeply analyze the client business requirements. After that, we will provide the best web development solutions accordingly.

Mobile App Development

Now days, most of people are searching stuff through mobile phones and we provide advanced mobile app development services.

Creative Website Designing

What you think, we draw it on the web for you. We have the team of best graphic and web designers in the global market.

WordPress Development

WordPress CMS is armed up with great free plugins and add-ons, by which it becomes very easy to modify your website.

Angular JS Development

Angular is the most trendiest language as it makes user comfortable with design and gives easy functionality.

PHP Development

PHP is an open source development language. We are experts from last 10 years and have developed many web applications and portals.

Python Development

From the last 5 years, python has become the most trending web development language using for application automation.

Node JS Development

Node.js is an open source, event driven, non-blocking which provides the ability to build server side web applications.

Magento Development

We are leading eCommerce web development company provides Magento module, customization, maintenance services globally.


OpenCart is an open source eCommerce content management system, available with thousand of add-ons & helpful for your business needs.

React JS Development

ReactJS development helps to build innovative UI’s user interfaces and best way to build your extensive, swift Web Apps.

Ionic Hybrid Development

Ionic Hybrid App framework consist leveraging AngularJS, CSS, HTML5, and Apache Cordova with real time interactive mobile apps.

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You Make Plan! We Develop!

Whatever you say, we make it real and working. Your mind, our efforts and the result will be at your desktop machine. Our ultimate goal is to make client happy and satisfied. We have team of experts, gathered under one roof.

To fulfill the rapidly growing needs of users and businesses, we need to facilitate them with dynamic application. This ability of our team makes us proud to best fit in broad spectrum and strength to complete the complex projects demanded.

We Work with Advanced Platforms

No matter what desktop or web application model you choose, which platform you like, your application will be designed according to your business requirements and we promise to give you the high quality services and timely delivery. We use latest and advanced platforms for application development.

web app development is the core coding that holds your applications or its functionality together. Strong Web Development strengthen your app design, so to stay ahead of the game and the pack in online business, the most important thing is to have a perfect application that gives you the advantage over others.


Every app is unique and have different requirements, we will deeply research, analyse & planning a suitable strategy, which would be suitable for client business model.


Designing of application is very important for attain the attention of user. we create 100% user friendly design for high conversions. after that we make app functional with front and back-end development.


After completion of the designing & development of app, our quality team start several application test's to ensure that there are no bugs are left and web application is ready for the users and launch.


After app launch, we regular maintain the app and take the user experience feedback for enhance performance of our web app. Along with that, we will provide 24x7 technical customer support for assistance.


Our skilled team of web app developers have really hands on high-end development technologies.

SEO Rank Smart offers you a complete website solutions for your business.

E-business has attained an immense success in the world of internet by making use of open source software. Open source content management is the best way for implementing significant changes in short period of time. Open Source Customization focuses on “out of the box” features and helps to promote the businesses effectively. In short, customizing the technical advancements, as per our requirement is known as Open Source Customization or Development. The key to success for every business is to stand unique in the online arena, which is full of competition. Open source software provide the following benefits:

1. Enhanced portability
2. Availability of quick fixes and feature enhancement
3. Flexibility for meeting certain needs
4. Vendor neutrality
5. Availability of large pool of source codes from the internet

Our team comprises of innovative and proficient PHP Developers, who are capable of giving you the solutions according to your needs. Our experienced developers help you in incorporating the changes that enables to develop very efficient web solutions for your business.

Why SEO Rank Smart for open source Customization?

We do development, integration, customization, web applications on open source technology. Our outstanding developers have the following qualities:

1. Our developers have a vast and in-depth knowledge of various technologies and offer you the suitable conclusions according to your web requirements.
2. They always come up with a right and the best answer which best suits your business requirements.
3. They analyze each project after a thorough study.
4. We offer custom solutions to fulfill your specific business needs, as we understand that your business needs a unique model to meet its objectives.

We provide Open Source Customization services for following development platforms:

1. E- commerce development
2. Content management system
3. Mobile development
4. Web servers and web applications
5. Framework7
6. Database management System
7. Open source software integration( Magento, osCommerce, Virtue Mart, Zen-cart, X-cart)

SEO Rank Smart is a single platform for complete open source services. Besides of the above benefits and capabilities, we deliver project according to the requirements of clients, even if it would go out of our way.

Hire Dedicated Web Developer starts at 599$

Hire Web Developer – $599/MONTH

    • 4+ Years Experience
    • 100% Skilled Resource
    • 8 Hrs / Day Working
    • Daily Reporting of Project
    • Chat & Phone Support
    • PHP, .net, CMS, eStore & more.
    • Real-time Monitoring
    • Advanced Reporting Structure
    • Limited Period Offer


> Committed pool of skilled Resource

> Efficient management of web development process.

> Immediate answers to your queries.

> Results delivered under your control and monitoring.

> Easy, affordable pricing with no hidden cost involved.

> More effective & economically than in-house Team

> Able to handle one or two websites simultaneously.

> Guaranteed assurance of quality of Work.

> Assurance of your website security & database backups.

> Working with Advanced web development technology.

Magento CMS Development Services | SEO RANK SMART

Magento is an open source web application of e-commerce used for developing dynamic and highly interactive e-commerce websites. Today, in the world of online searching and shopping, you will face multiple challenges like configuring store layout, scarce sales conversions, managing user experience and many more. To face these challenges, we are leveraging the benefits of Magento so that we can deliver you the high end and cost effective e-commerce portal & online shopping carts.

Features of Magento Development

1. Open source platform
2. Site management
3. User Flexibility
4. Architecture
5. Active Community
6. Easy to use
7. Analytics and Reporting
8. Search Engine Friendly

Reasons for opting SEO Rank Smart:

We, at SEO Rank Smart focus on developing innovative themes and Magento e-commerce application according to your requirements that empowers e-commerce business and maximizes the potential of your websites.

Some of the latest scalable, feature-rich and adaptable Magento Development services which we offer are as follows:

1. Magento Theme design, development and implementation
2. Magento extensions development
3. Magento installation
4. Magento Payment Gateway Integration
5. Magento custom Development
6. Magento WordPress Integration
7. Magento Search Engine Optimization
8. Magento Module Customization
9. Magento E-commerce Development

Adopting services of SEO Rank Smart is one of the best options due to the following reasons:

1. Having huge knowledge in this industry
2. Lower Development Costs
3. 24*7 customer support
4. Well trained IT professionals
5. Having great experience in working with all types of domains around the world
6. Efficient Magento Development

We give the word to every client that we provide efficient Magento Development Services, which bring great success in their business.

SEO Rank Smart offers you Drupal CMS Development Services

Drupal refers to a content management system that is free owing to its availability as an open source system. It is founded on components that are used by administrators for the purpose of setting up and exhibiting information, modifying the appearance, administer scheduled functions including site registration that is in need of identification as well as passwords. A major Drupal feature is the open source set up that provides accessibility for the code of the source that makes it possible for everyone to use it at no extra cost.

The PHP basis of Drupal makes it beneficial as a protected way to manage websites. It constitutes several features with the aim of performance improvement of websites while giving exclusive identification with the option of modification to suit different needs.

Drupal Features

1. Modification – This is a particularly essential feature of Drupal that makes it possible for content and the way it appears to be customized in regards to the requirements of different users.
2. Assigned Permission – Individuals do not require specified permission. Administrators are able to set up systems within which roles are given so as to facilitate permission being given to groups.
3. Content search – Drupal content can be searched for with ease.
Validation of users – By setting up accounts on either local or exterior servers, users have the ability to validate.
4. Content export – It is possible for content to be made accessible to other entities, which serves to enhance online presence.
5. Sole database – The independent database that Drupal is based on makes it possible to use it along with PostgreSOL and MySQL.
6. Language options – The design of the system has taken into consideration the range of international needs, making it possible to create websites and subsequent content along with the system for managing content in line with different options for languages.
7. Breakdown, follow up and data – Reports that are based on browser activities can be printed by Drupal in regards to the recommendations made, recognition of content and information about the way in which the site is navigated by online users.

PHP Developer is the one stop shop for creative and knowledgeable expertise required to give people the ideal solutions that they require. The development of Drupal websites is enhanced with the extensive range of essential features.

Range of Services

1. Intranet Applications
2. e-Commerce Applications
3. Resource Directories
4. Social Networking Sites
5. Multimedia Portal Development
6. Newsletters
7. Community Web Portals
8. Content Management System
9. Individual sites and blogs
10. Discussion Forums
11. Commercial Websites

For anyone who seeks to maximize on the potential of a website, do get in touch with us and find out what will be most ideal. Feel free to send inquiries and get access to estimates.

Joomla Development

Ranked as one of the top performing content management systems that were set up through the general public licensing on GNU, Joomla is a revolutionary concept. Based on PHP Development , Joomla enables users to distribute and manage content online along with the intranet through the database known as MySQL. This serves to enable the administrator to log onto the management system along with the system groupings, information and surveys among others. This means that the whole site can be managed from an interface that facilitated simple pointing and clicking functions.

Whenever there is an attempt for a new fresh content post, the user can modify content or bring it up to date even without access to the HTML through an editor. For people who want personalized websites that are simple but functional, manageable and can be improved on with ease, Joomla development is a worthwhile consideration.

Joomla Features

1. Simple administration – Joomla is installed with ease and virtually anyone can install it without a technical background.

2. Units and sections – A vast section of units and related sections can be developed through the adaptable Joomla system that is based on its high performance CMS platform.

3. Design – The Joomla set up is popular and readily available, making it easy for designers who take on the development of other templates so as to customize websites and change their overall appearance.

4. SEO – SEO is taken care of by the global configuration management feature for sites that are run on Joomla. Through Joomla, URLs that correspond to the needs of search engines are provided so as to improve page ranks.

Range of Joomla Services Offered

Development of Joomla Web – This ensures that fantastic websites are set up along with suitable content that can be administered with ease and brought to date without any restrictions on time effortlessly. Qualified PHP Developers offer the solutions that are required to enhance websites while providing quality content.

Development of Joomla eCommerce – The extensive value of online shopping carts can never be discounted or taken for granted. Despite their simplicity, they are a viable way of accessing a large amount of people. Joomla is a reputable and popular eCommerce platform that provides ideal choices for the purpose of administration and efficiency. It is beneficial for consumers and traders. No circumstances are beyond PHP Developer who aims to fulfill all needs to guarantee enjoyable shopping opportunities.

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