WordPress was initiated as a blogging platform which has now blossomed into an open source Content Management System (CMS). The WordPress has become popular due to its unique feature that is user friendly interface which makes it easier to work on. WP has a simple architecture and advance templating system.

WP is easy to adapt and does not need any support. So, the content can easily be managed and edited. It is as simple as writing on the word document and then, publishing it on the internet.

WP can prove to be an effective tool to create a complete website. Adding new pages at any stage is very easy with WordPress. You can add new pages as when you feel the need to.

Features of WordPress CMS:

  • No rebuilding: It reflects all the changes that you make in templates immediately on your site without any regeneration of static pages.
  • WordPress Themes: WP offers the wide variety of themes which allows you to design from a simple blog to a complicated website, using multiple themes.
  • WordPress links: It allows you to maintain, create and update any number of blog rolls via administration interface.
  • Spam Protection: It comes with inbuilt blacklist and open proxy checker so as to eliminate spam on your blog. It is also rich in array of plugins which enhances its functionality to a larger extent.
  • Password Protected Posts: It allows the individuals to hide the posts from public by setting their own password.
  • Workflow: It allows you to categorize the users who can only deliver drafts and cannot publish onto the front page.
  • Full User Registration: It is well equipped with integrated user registration system which allows the individuals to maintain profiles, register profiles and leave genuine and real comments on your blog.
  • Easy installation and upgrades: It is like a piece of cake to install or upgrade the WP versions.

We at SEO Rank Smart are aimed at providing expert development elucidation which will delight your senses and provide you all the operations which are needed to build an effective and a successful website and still fits your budget.

WordPress development services at SEO Rank Smart include:

  • WordPress themes design and development
  • Plugin Development
  • WordPress Customization
  • WordPress Theme Integration
  • Migration from static/ dynamic site to WordPress
  • PSD to WordPress theme Development