Ranked as one of the top performing content management systems that were set up through the general public licensing on GNU, Joomla is a revolutionary concept. Based on PHP Development , Joomla enables users to distribute and manage content online along with the intranet through the database known as MySQL. This serves to enable the administrator to log onto the management system along with the system groupings, information and surveys among others. This means that the whole site can be managed from an interface that facilitated simple pointing and clicking functions.

Whenever there is an attempt for a new fresh content post, the user can modify content or bring it up to date even without access to the HTML through an editor. For people who want personalized websites that are simple but functional, manageable and can be improved on with ease, Joomla development is a worthwhile consideration.

Joomla Features

  • Simple administration – Joomla is installed with ease and virtually anyone can install it without a technical background.
  • Units and sections – A vast section of units and related sections can be developed through the adaptable Joomla system that is based on its high performance CMS platform.
  • Design – The Joomla set up is popular and readily available, making it easy for designers who take on the development of other templates so as to customize websites and change their overall appearance.
  • SEO – SEO is taken care of by the global configuration management feature for sites that are run on Joomla. Through Joomla, URLs that correspond to the needs of search engines are provided so as to improve page ranks.

Range of Joomla Services Offered

Development of Joomla Web – This ensures that fantastic websites are set up along with suitable content that can be administered with ease and brought to date without any restrictions on time effortlessly. Qualified PHP Developers offer the solutions that are required to enhance websites while providing quality content.

Development of Joomla ecommerce – The extensive value of online shopping carts can never be discounted or taken for granted. Despite their simplicity, they are a viable way of accessing a large amount of people. Joomla is a reputable and popular ecommerce platform that provides ideal choices for the purpose of administration and efficiency. It is beneficial for consumers and traders. No circumstances are beyond PHP Developer who aims to fulfill all needs to guarantee enjoyable shopping opportunities.