Drupal refers to a content management system that is free owing to its availability as an open source system. It is founded on components that are used by administrators for the purpose of setting up and exhibiting information, modifying the appearance, administer scheduled functions including site registration that is in need of identification as well as passwords. A major Drupal feature is the open source set up that provides accessibility for the code of the source that makes it possible for everyone to use it at no extra cost.

The PHP basis of Drupal makes it beneficial as a protected way to manage websites. It constitutes several features with the aim of performance improvement of websites while giving exclusive identification with the option of modification to suit different needs.

Drupal Features

  • Modification – This is a particularly essential feature of Drupal that makes it possible for content and the way it appears to be customized in regards to the requirements of different users.
  • Assigned Permission – Individuals do not require specified permission. Administrators are able to set up systems within which roles are given so as to facilitate permission being given to groups.
  • Content search – Drupal content can be searched for with ease.
  • Validation of users – By setting up accounts on either local or exterior servers, users have the ability to validate.
  • Content export – It is possible for content to be made accessible to other entities, which serves to enhance online presence.
  • Sole database – The independent database that Drupal is based on makes it possible to use it along with PostgreSOL and MySQL.
  • Language options – The design of the system has taken into consideration the range of international needs, making it possible to create websites and subsequent content along with the system for managing content in line with different options for languages.
  • Breakdown, follow up and data – Reports that are based on browser activities can be printed by Drupal in regards to the recommendations made, recognition of content and information about the way in which the site is navigated by online users.

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Range of Services

  • Intranet Applications
  • e-Commerce Applications
  • Resource Directories
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Multimedia Portal Development
  • Newsletters
  • Community Web Portals
  • Content Management System
  • Individual sites and blogs
  • Discussion Forums
  • Commercial Websites

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