Reciprocal Link Checker

One of the most famous methods of getting backlinks for your website is reciprocal links. Though it is not recommended but a lot of SEO's have got amazing results with 2 way and 3 way reciprocal link exchanges. We present to you the most advanced tool for checking your backlinks. Now a days every webmasters exchange links with other webmasters. Therefore you need to check whether the other webmaster has placed your link or not. Opening each and every website in order to the check the placement of the link is a time consuming and a tedious task. This tool allows you to check whether your link has been placed or not without accessing the website. This reciprocal link checker tool is very fast and lets you know whether there is a link on a website along with the keyword. This tool shows all the links present on a website with a particular URL even if it is present there with more than one unique keyword. The reciprocal link checker tool allows you to check 100 sites at a time for your backlinks. This tool is very fast and its average response time for 100 entries is 6 to 10 seconds.

Reciprocal Links Checker

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