Ever wondered why the links you build is having a negative impact on your website. The reason is hidden to some extent. Whenever you analyze a website for link exchange you are not able to see all the links present on a particular page. Sometimes there are bad links present on a particular page which are hidden. We tend to miss those links as they are placed on hidden places on a website. These hidden links are generally related to themes which are considered as spam or illegal.

SEO RANK SMART has come up with a tool for webmasters which tells the webmaster whether there is a bad link / neighborhood present on a particular webpage. The webmaster does not have to strain his eyes looking for bad links. The best feature of this tool is that it gives user the liberty to look for 3 bad keywords on a webpage. Any link present on a webpage with the submitted keywords will be traced by this tool.

The appearance of this tool is very friendly as it clearly shows all the spam links present on a webpage. It is always advisable to check for 50 websites at once as it will speed up the process and produce quick results.


All the SEO Tools are not working, It's under maintenance. We are working on implementation of new technology on these tools. So, We request you to please wait for few days. We apologize for any inconvenience incurred by us.


Bad Words Checker