Every day search engines register millions of search enquiries about a variety of product and services. 95% of those users will click on the websites present on the first page of the search results.

Pioneer SEO Package

For less budget and new websites, Pioneer SEO package is suitable for start optimization for your website.

  • Complete On-page Work
  • Total 75 Links / Month
  • 10 Content Links
  • Premium Article Links
  • Social Media Marketing
Moderate SEO Package

For those website which is already having ranking for their keywords under 100 position and need a boost.

  • Complete On-page Analysis
  • Total 100 High Quality Links
  • 20 Content Links
  • 10 Premium Article Links
  • Social Media Marketing
Zenith SEO Package

For high competitive keywords and required heavy boost in present search engine rankings.

  • Complete On-page Analysis
  • Total 150 Links / Month
  • 30 Content Links
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Premium 24 Article Links

Are you present on the first page? Are the users going to your competitors?


We are here to place you on the first page of the search results so that you can experience a cyclone of new genuine business queries. Business enquiries automatically increase, when more visitors visit your website. We offer search engine optimization services which are based on our 8 years of experience and research and we keep on updating our techniques and tools which keeps us ahead of any changes in search engines.

“We can do Top 10 for you with our SEO Services”

Top 10

Our motto reflects the mindset of our SEO consultants in India towards the optimization of every website we have worked upon. Right from helping you choosing the appropriate and famous keyword to placing your website in top ten ranges of major search engines, we guide you and work with you to maximize your organization ROI by placing your site into the top 10 position with our strategies.

We earn money, only when you see results.


We are so confident in attaining top rankings for your site that we are not afraid to put over revenue on stake. What makes us so confident? Our ethical and regular updating SEO services which help our clients achieve high search engine ranking positions.

Being in a business like you we understand that every investment done should produce results in terms of profit. A company spends money on many activities like hiring additional staff, purchasing new machines or hiring a competent and professional SEO company; and the organization is bound to expect an increase in its revenue on the basis of additional investment. We help organizations to rank high in major search engines and thus doing justice to the additional investment through our effective SEO services.

SEO Professionals at SEO RANK SMART will place your website at such a position on search engines where your site can generate paying traffic. Some key factors which form the base of our SEO strategies are:

Keyword Research:

We lay the foundation stone of our search engine marketing services by identifying appropriate keywords which may be used by visitors who wants to know more on products and services related to your online business. It can be called as one of the crucial steps of the search engine optimization process. The motive is to reach the right audience so that you can high return on the investment done by you. We use Google keyword suggestion tool and closely analyze the search frequency of keywords related to your website. Setting proper targets in the beginning will take you a long way.

Competitive Analysis:

The ease with which Internet is available everywhere in the world, online industry has become a highly competitive market. Since you are not the sole supplier of any particular product or service, many companies target same keywords and reach to your potential customers. We see hidden opportunities in analyzing your competitor’s online strengths and weaknesses. Professional search engine optimization team at SEO Rank Smart closely analyzes the competitive market place for the keywords which you have targeted and assist you in developing the strategies to take you to the top position.

Link Building Services:

Link building is an important part of SEO. Relevant link building is a convoluted process. We employ only manual process of link building which ensures only quality web links pointing towards your website. Quality web links will always help you to rise above your competitors. We have always believed in providing quality and quantity of links to our clients which allows us to build an optimum portfolio of links for our clients. Two things which we always ask to our clients are time and patience. With time and patience on our side we can get your site recognized by various search engines.

Website optimization Services and Content Development/Copywriting Services:

A winning content can do wonders for your website. Online success depends a lot on what information are you serving to your visitors. Anything new and unique on the website is always indexed by search engines, which means good optimized content holds a lot of SEO value. Though the final product needs to be more than just good content for search engines. The content developed by our content writers not only delivers an optimized marketing message to search engines but also converts your visitors to paying customers.

Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization:

News is the best instrument to let people know about you. And when it comes to Internet, newsworthy elements can make you famous around the world. You can target specific audience which may be interested in reading news related to your product. And thus make them aware about your business and products. Online public relations are a very efficient and very economical method to develop public relations. And online press release adds to your search engine optimization efforts and provides quality backlinks to your website. Whenever you want to announce any new product development we are here to help you.

Local Search Optimization:

Local search optimization is defined by a specific search area put in by a user. When an area based query is placed in search engines, they often pull out a geographic map of local business listings in that area and present the best possible contact and directional information to the user. SEO Rank Smart helps you in optimizing your business in local business listings which makes you the probable choice for search engines. Through local search optimization we target local consumers who are ready for a purchase. And it has been noticed that maximum number of such consumers have purchased once they found a location which is best suitable for them to do business.

Mobile SEO Services:

Today’s mobile market is filled with smart phones from various companies. This has marked a remarkable increase in the popularity of mobile search engines. We see it as an opportunity and develop a novel strategy to optimize your business for Mobile SEO and also easy viewing of important information related to your business.Our professionals are top-notch and incorporate their own ideas to produce a winning and unique solution that results in a successful business. Our Mobile SEO services can be tailored according to the clients needs so that your website reaches top positions in mobile search results.

International Search Optimization:

A true Global company is the one which targets international and multilingual markets. Global search marketing targets clients from other countries so that they can move out from their national borders and tap international markets. We at SEO Rank Smart help you to develop a SEO strategy which helps you to make your presence feel outside your home country and rank high on international search engines.Our team lives within those target markets (whether national or international) which you are trying to reach and our team is your connection to that market. This ensures accuracy of implementation while maximizing the efficiency of SEO strategy across the globe.

Video SEO Services:

Search engine optimization has evolved a lot right from building links to include multimedia in SEO strategies in order to build traffic and attain high rankings in search engines. Modern search engines include videos in search results on related keywords. We help you to devise a multimedia SEO strategy which adds to your SEO efforts and gives you the liberty to reach a vast base of audience through optimizing videos for search.Your video will be on first position for your best key phrase on Google and other major search engines to expose your brand identity to your target audience.

Web Marketing Analytics:

Just like any other process, search engine optimization needs to be checked or analyzed at regular intervals to find out whether the SEO strategy devised is producing results or not. SEO Rank Smart uses a variety of web analytical tools to analyze the SEO process and offer expert advice and recommendations on how to make use of the important data. We closely examine the data and metrics related to your website visitors and suggest you which keywords are driving the most traffic and what changes are needed to increase user visits to your website.

SEO Reporting:

At SEO Rank Smart we believe complete with the client. Therefore we provide a detailed report of key performance indicators so that you can easily monitor the improvements in search engine rankings.All our clients are part of our Reporting System, which would assist you in monitoring the progress in Real Time. We provide a detailed report to every client such as Site Analysis report, Keyword Analysis Report, Weekly Report, Monthly Report and Competitor Analysis report.

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