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Optimization, Over-Optimization, or SEO Overkill ?

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When it comes to the techniques people will use to ensure that their websites get top rankings in search results, there are no rules. There are a number of websites that will use black hat tricks, which will inadvertently get them temporarily banned or permanently blacklisted from search engines such as Google. As such, you need to ensure that you are practicing SEO etiquette when trying to get ahead in search rankings.

Correct and Incorrect SEO practices:

Are you using the right keyword density or are you over stuffing your content with keywords? One of the practices a lot of websites will use is keyword stuffing in an attempt to increase their search rankings. Proper keyword density should range from 3% to 7%. Content with over 10% in keyword density is considered keyword stuffing and will most likely be spotted by the search engine. It is advisable to make use of the tool known as keyword density cloud, which will let you know whether the keyword density in your content is at an acceptable range. Frequently used keywords should be replaced with synonyms so as to reduce the chances of keyword stuffing.

Another trick that websites will use is doorway pages. Before the advent of the PageRank algorithm by Google, a lot of websites would use doorways and back then this was not considered an illegal way of optimizing your website. Doorway pages are created specifically for search engines and have no meaning to Internet users. However, they would still make websites get higher search rankings. In this day and age, keywords alone will not help your SEO but in the event that you opt to use doorway pages, be prepared to get penalized by the search engine.

Hidden text was another trick used for SEO. This is technically invisible text meaning that it cannot be seen by humans yet was still included in the HTML. This was used to fool search engines so as to make them think the content is rich in keywords. This is a manipulative technique and could also lead to your website being penalized.

Duplicate content is another technique that is frowned upon. In SEO, content matters a great deal. Similar pages in the same website or an affiliated website can lead to a drop in your search rankings.

Back-links are a crucial way to boost your SEO. However, some websites tend to get these back-links from link farms and this leads to link spamming. This could lead to your website being penalized. Another form of link spamming is if your website’s outbound links significantly outweigh the inbound links that it gets.

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