Pay Per Click Process

Supervising your PPC account/s professionally

Your PPC account can be supervised by any of our expert Google certified account supervisors through our PPC management service. We strive to operate in harmony with you to create a good layout to maximize on positive ROI. You are always granted full admission to your PPC and Analytics account/s. Your committed account supervisor will constantly place efforts on optimizing your account every day and account at the end of every month full round up and any forthcoming improvements.


New Account Start-up or Open Account Supervision:

Whether you just require supervision for an already open account or launching a brand new account, our PPC Management Service gives your account the proper lay out for improved ROI. Manual offer management on daily basis and regular campaign testing are all aspects of the supervision procedure.

Well Laid Out Campaigns with High Level Goals:

For an already open account, we commence on the supervision procedures with a complete analysis of the history of the account depending on user flow and other operational measures. From the operational measures assessment, we then build up your campaigns into custom aimed ad clusters based on your agency, products and services. This enables us to implement a customized bidding tactic to these targeted ad clusters to be able to bid successfully.

Intuitive Research:

Other than depending on the accomplishments from the historical data, we also carry out exhaustive research in order to further understand your niche in the industry sector. In order to focus in directing quality user flow to your site, we involve a keyword tactic. To achieve this, make a wider keyword base in the campaign operations to include more product specific designed search word. These product specific terms in conjunction with a comprehensive record of negative terms lowers you click charges and increase the traffic quality.

Innovative Ads That Increase CTR:

The buildup of applicable and goal oriented ads is another section of your PPC supervision that involves various calls to act and other vital offers and promotions. Using different ad creations and examining them alongside one another assists us in identifying the best ad creation and strive towards them to raise the click-through-rate.

Appropriate Landing Pages:

It’s very vital to lead to the most applicable landing pages and giving the website visitors the best content following their initial search question. In order to achieve this, we provide you with suggestions on how to optimize your website to gain completely directed landing page that is PPC-friendly. The high appropriateness of your landing page has a positive and long range quality score effect.

Exchange rate Tracking & Google Analytics:

For your account supervisor to be able to work competently on a day to day basis on your account, we will give you an exchange rate tracking application and installing tips to monitor the daily operations of your PPC supervised campaigns. We also establish a Google Analytics account, other than the exchanger rate tracking, with Goal focusing and ecommerce where appropriate. You will also get 24/7 admittance to our own coverage presentation showing all the applicable campaign accomplishment measures.