Marketing Efficiency with Pay Per Click Management Solutions

The pay per click advertising is the primary power driving giant websites such as Google, Yahoo as well as many other well performing websites. The success starts in PPC for most online investors.

SEO Rank Smart is among the few companies that have dedicated most of their resources to helping online investors achieve their desired goals. The company has a total of 150 motivated staff with an experience of 10 years. It also offers a wide range of services to help investors reach their goals:

  • Top ROI and conversion rates
  • Continuous analysis of the on-the-fly program modification
  • Targeting with expert level traffic
  • Maximum optimization with minimal expenses

Expert Program Management

PPC has always been known for experts. This means that not every person can manage to give complete support that helps in achieving the desired marketing goals. One needs to be conscious of the right keywords, bid levels and management strategies. Miscalculations can easily result in immense regrets. Nothing daunting but hiring a professional can help to resolve the problem.

SEO Rank Smart services

  • Business objectives analysis
  • Campaign setup
  • Research on keywords and professional bid level management
  • Research on negative keywords for unwanted traffic screening
  • Match typing and keyword optimization
  • Benchmarking and competitor research
  • Copy writing and research on initial ad copy
  • Split testing for ad impact
  • Analytics on Google
    • Profile setup
    • Goal setup
    • Setup of advanced filters
    • Funnels setup
  • ROI tracking
  • Weekly report on progress
  • Evaluation, traffic analysis and development of landing page

Why Expert Management

Since 1998, pay per click advertising has evolved immensely. New changes are being put into place to help create a better impact. Rules change regularly. This is the advertising method that Google used to raise the ranking. It is currently subject to complexity, advanced technology and constant change.

Due to the frequent changes experienced, not even the experts have the skills to predict performance. The whole process requires continuous analysis, background checks, focus and correct campaign use. To help achieve these goals, one needs a strong and dedicated team holding his back. Experts have the skills, time, manpower and interest to help achieve the preset goals. Their competence is accountable for results.

Difference by SEO Rank Smart

SEO Rank Smart is distinguished significantly from its competitors by adeptness in Internet marketing. The company has a diverse reach with A to Z plans. The global perspective has offices in eight cities in four countries.

Primary values of SEO Rank Smart are:

  • Absolute customer centered service that listens and interacts with clients
  • Technology is given preference and the company is always up-to-date
  • Absolute transparency to show what, how and why to clients

The company has achieved great rewards ranging from Microsoft Gold, ISO 9001:2000 certificates, CMMI Level 3 and Google Adwords Qualified Company.

Basic Fees

  • Setup fee $749.00
  • Monthly management fee for PPC account on one website is $690, 15% the spend

Pay Per Click Marketing