Have you ever been paid for referring a client to an SEO company for service? Does your current SEO partner shares with you the profits it gains from the clients referred by you? Do you have a trusted and competent partner who is able to deliver you SEO services as and when required? If you are confident enough to say yes to this question then we wish you all the best for your partnership. However if your efforts are still not rewarded and you feel being left out alone in the joint venture with your partner, try us.

SEO RANK SMART Partner Program

SEO RANK SMART believes in creating a win-win venture for every company it works with. Therefore our SEO Partner program is a full service SEO partnership program which offers a wide range of services to our agency partners. SEO RANK SMART is a company which is run by a team of highly experienced professionals which ensures better understanding of business and effective use of online marketing techniques. Our motive is client satisfaction and we guarantee profits.

Step-wise description of our Partner with us Program:

  • Sign-up with us to become a partner with SEO RANK SMART.
  • Automatically receive 5% off SEO RANK SMART services just after signing up.
  • Refer a client to SEO RANK SMART by filling the referral form.
  • As a trusted partner we offer you a 5% royalty on every invoice sent to the client referred by you.
  • Your discount on SEO RANK SMART SEO services jumps to 10% as soon as 10 clients referred by you become active.
  • If any of the client referred by you refers us some other client, you get an additional 2.5% of the invoice sent to that client.

If you have any questions in mind regarding our SEO Partner with us program, then please contact Administration.