Long-term “content based” Link Popularity Techniques

When ascertaining the link popularity of your site, all search engines look at two things:

  1. The number of websites that link to your website.
  2. How significant are the websites that link to your website.

It is a well known fact that the central pillar of search engine rankings is- “the significance of linking website”. In simple words, all links are not equal.

The SEO trend of link popularity technique is fast catching up among SEO service providers. To top it all, link popularity technique have always been a major longing for website owners, for the sheer element attached to it.

Nonetheless, to boost the ranking of a page in search engine certain techniques have to be integrated. That’s where link popularity methodology comes in force. Its practice in SEO strategy be it for inbound or outbound link building for website is one factor that should be presented in an articulate way. Albeit the overall procedure is rather ambiguous we can speculate.