“Few simple steps to build strong Relationships”

Google regularly updates its algorithms for better Search Engine results. Therefore, it is essential to build high quality Natural links for website in order to rank on the top of search engines.

We, at SEO Rank Smart follow a sequence of steps to build high quality natural links by keeping in mind the various necessary factors at each step.

Our Link Building Process includes:

  1. Research and Analysis
  2. Selection of Website
  3. Strategy Implementation
  4. Measuring or Monitoring Success


We do research and analyze the various factors affecting link building and these are important factors that are required to be considered:

  • Number of target keywords and their URL’s
  • The current position of keyword
  • Competition of Keyword in Google
  • Creation of Long tail keywords
  • Determining the targeted area(Regional or Worldwide)
  • Analyzing Competitor links


After researching and analyzing the important factors that affect link building, it is important to select an appropriate and high quality site. The criteria we use to select a website for placing links is as under:

  • Page and Domain Authority
  • Relevancy of web page according to keyword
  • Google Page Rank
  • Duplicity of existing website content
  • Google Penalty
  • Number of outbound links on each page
  • Avoiding links from ad’s websites
  • Link Farms and FFA(Free for all) websites are strictly prohibited
  • No exact match anchor text links
  • Links on unique ‘c’ class domains


Once the high quality relevant website is selected, it is the time to implement the various strategies for building links and to outreach the audience. We consider the following link building strategies:

  • Premium Article Links
  • Creation and distribution of InfoGraphics
  • Developing viral content
  • Question and answers
  • Press Media distribution
  • Social popularity of website


Once the links are created, it is necessary to monitor them to know that, to what extent link building has been successful. We monitor the following:

  • Keywords Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Links availability
  • Comparison with previous reports

All these steps will help you to reap the awards for the years to come. We have been building quality over quantity for many years and our clients are benefited from that foresight. Contact us today for Link building services.