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Up Close Look at SEO Rank Smart Link Building Desktop

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People in the field of Search Engines SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Link Popularity, Online Publicity are require sites showing various desktop preparations. One of these is seoranksmart.com. Some people like Matt and Danny Sullivan posted pictures and descriptions of their desktop setups and monitors among other things, and because I have been asked a couple of times how I manage my daily workflow, I decided to use pictures in my explanation.

How I work- Full view

In the first shot is the full command center (you can click it to enlarge). There are bookend laptops, an HP on the left and a Dell mini on the right, while under the desk I have a Dell Studio XPS. In addition, I have four monitors (15 inch on the left lap, 24 inch on the right, a 22 inch and a 9 inch). Note that, I do not have any wireless keywords or mice. I did not find them efficient and I prefer the wired one because I can toss them away as I like.

The mini me

The tiny laptop is a Dell Mini 9, and it is the only thing I take with me when I leave the office because it is portable and efficient (larger picture on the right). In the office, I use it to run TweetDeck, which you can see in the smaller picture. At home, I use it as an encourager. Its size reminds me of my first cell phone.

ADD Central

Above the mini is a 22-inch monitor (pictured closely on the right), which I refer to as the feed central or the ADD central. It always has the same blurry effect most of the time. This is my iGoogle homepage and currently, it has 57 feeds from my contacts. I use the feed central to scan through the information and take in what my brain can handle. In addition, I use Firefox’s find feature for the page on the feed central. It highlights any time the link appears in any post’s title and gives me a visual cue. Therefore, I can scan for any post from the 57 sources to find the ones that relate to my work. I set the sources so that the feed central displays a maximum of nine posts.

The main workhorses

The link building work takes place on the HP laptop and the 24-inch Dell monitor. I run Firefox, IE, Thunderbird, an assortment of tools and tabs and a remote session to my secret link analysis script box. If I am on a phone consultation, I will have Skype, a web cam, glance screen sharing and a trillian. When I have some work going on, I have at least 10 windows open through tabs, such as when I am ding link development. My firefox has about 25 add ons and I keep a sidebar open on the left and a tab bar open on the right. I prefer drag and dropping though there are many link building tools, apps, thingamabobs. You find my description on this post simple. Don’t you?

Multitasking without distraction

When I am on link building mode, I turn off everything that may distract me. For instance, I turn off the feed central and the TweetDeck, because link building is not something you can work on for an hour only in a day. I require at least four hours daily. When I was starting out in link building, I worked alongside my wife and we would go on for at least 12 hours. That is before we had other family commitments. I also publish URL-wire, do outreach and reputation management, research work and link analysis scripts. During the weekends, I manage to have between five and ten link audit scripts running and this gives me a lot of work for the week. I have acquired this efficiency through the years of my work and the experiences I have had. If you have a page or description of your desktop setup, send it to me and I will post it here so that we can have a log of how we go about our work.

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