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Is Guest Blogging Dead or Alive? Know the truth ?

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Guest Blogging Dead or Alive

The popular SEO practice of writing guest posts for blogs, in the hope of boosting your website’s visibility on search engines has been criticized this week as the quality of the content decreased and the prevalence of poor quality content increased through guest blogging.

If you are using guest posting as a way to gain links in 2014, you should stop..Why? As over time, it has become more and more spammy practice, and if you are doing a lot of guest posting, then you are hanging out with really bad company.

The past of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging was almost seen as a fully formed strategy and a badge of honor for those writing the guest post, especially when a prominent website invite others to guest blog. In a nutshell, it was a great deal when a prominent website thought your content was of high quality or that you were important enough that they would publish something you wrote on their site.

In the past days, guest blogging was considered to be a respectable thing, like a respected author to write the introduction of your book. This is the reason why many websites employed this strategy , but not necessarily as a link building strategy rather to produce their own high quality content and introducing their writers and topics that readers would found interesting and enjoyable.

This worked well over the last couple of years, but now with the rise of low quality or spammy sites for building links, this no longer considered.

What Now?

Guest blogging in most cases is not going to drive traffic or conversions to your site. Now, it is not a “branding play”. There is no other advantage of it other than metric movement while it is an easiest way to shield to the higher-ups. Therefore, we all have become slaves to this dispensable process rather than testing advanced and innovative ideas. Now it is correct to say that: Guest blogging is what will cause a slow decay or death to the fast paced innovation, when it comes to link building.

Is High Quality Guest blogging still beneficial?

There are definitely many cases where guest blogging can be of high quality and can be beneficial to the website’s visitors and Matt Cutts does not want to discourage this. There are still so many good reasons to do guest blogging like branding, exposure, community, increased reach etc. These reasons existed before this update and will continue in future.

Most of the webmasters who seek great quality content, from authors they know are not the ones targeted by this crackdown of Guest blogging. Just think it from the Google perspective, that is: quality of the content, author and the high quality site.

Is this a deep trouble for Multiple Author Blogs?

Matt Cutts highlighted that Google is not planning to target blogs, that regularly uses multiple authors in their blogging strategy. But at the same time these multiple author blogs should be of high quality and have thousands of readers to read them regularly.

So, if your blog depends on multiple authors, you don’t have to worry, unless those authors are producing poor content. Google is only targeting the low quality sites that employ guest blogging as link building strategy and is not concerned about the quality and appropriateness of the content before publishing it.

SEO TIP: Guest Blogging still has the place in internet marketing environment and probably always will. It has only been shifted from a link generation to a tool for traffic, branding and exposure.

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