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Battling against Google Penguin? Future Content Marketing tips

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If there is something that most of the webmasters thinks of when they hear about Google penalties, it is link removal. If you tried to recover from Google Penguin update by only removing links in the hope that penalty will be lifted, the reality is that the links that were helping you rank better are gone. Removing those links might help you in the recovery process and you should remove all the negative links as much as possible but this is not the key to success.
The key to success is focusing on such link building techniques that drives referral traffic, branding and leads. In the essence, it is important to built high quality links on high quality blogs. It is right to remove low quality links but what Google exactly wants to see is a website promoted and grown in a natural way that does not revolve around search engines.

Approach to Content Marketing as an SEO strategy is powerful enough to recover from Google Penguin. Here are some of the tactics:

Create and foster Linkable Assets

A linkable asset refers to a source that people will link to effortlessly without any prompting. It is such a resource on your site that people will link to naturally. Linkable assets must have the following characteristics:

  • Effectiveness: It is more than just a blog post and is a reference that you are giving to refer you back.
  • Interactivity: Give your users a better experience by giving them something to do as experiences are more memorable than content.

Some of the examples of linkable assets are:

  • PDF’s
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers
  • Press releases
  • Helpful content Guides
  • Video marketing
  • Case studies

Therefore, Linkable assets are the tools and applications that most of the people are looking for.

Blogging for acquiring customers

Besides linkable assets, you should acquire your customers in a natural way. In the essence, you should design such an SEO strategy that will be successful even without search engine traffic. Some important points to remember:

  • The purpose of your blog is to grab the attention, not to sell your products or services. Blog posts are not Ads, they are media outlets. The blog is not the call to action, you integrate call to actions in your blog.
  • You have to connect to the core audience and to connect with them, you have to understand their needs , provide them unique and advanced information, interact with your regular users and maintain cultural identity.
  • To maintain your core followers, focus on content and resources related to your subject.
  • It is better not to have a blog than a bad blog. Bad blogs pull off your users of your sales page.

Public relations:

When it comes to external SEO, your fundamental goal should be discussed. While linkable assets, content can go a long way, but nothing can bring you what the old fashioned Public Relations can.
Public relations is not about what you say, it is about what you do. This is something that separates a successful press release from a document that gets copied throughout the web. You should not expect links from press release sites to help your search engine rankings.

Build Brand name links exclusively

: The last thing on your mind should be anchor text. When you build a link, use your brand name or just highlight the part of sentence that will give your users the most context. If you are trying to recover from Google Penguin, then only use your brand name, give context or just post a bare URL.
Conclusion: If you are still facing problems like Penguin update, it is important to know that link removal is not enough. It is the time to design SEO conscious campaigns, focus on referral traffic and these are powerful enough to fight any online storm.

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