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How Page Ranking is determined by Google

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People on Google often wonder about how their ranking is determined. They see other sites on the results page and never see their own. What is the reason for this? A common assumption is that payments have to be paid to achieve this kind of prominence on the results page. Beneath the links that are sponsored at the beginning of the page, free ads appear.

The key factor for success and high ranking is location or placement.

There are several aspects that Google uses to determine where ads are placed. The on page aspects constitute what is contained in the site. Website content is viewed by what is known as a Googlebot. The factors that are considered include the relevance of content to specified keywords and keywords that users enquired about.

The Off Page Factors

The off page factors include the number and type of websites that lead to your website. If a lot of high quality websites lead back to yours, it must be delivering good content. The number of incoming links, the age of the domain; all this plays a roll in where Google will place your ad. If you have a lot of back links, it doesn’t matter if they are linked to sites that are rated 1 or 2. These are not considered authority sites. The ranking is 1 to 10.

Off Page Aspects

There are ranges of off page aspects that are considered. Off page aspects are inclusive of the type and amount of website leading to one’s website. When several reputable websites lead to the site, this indicates the presence of quality content. Google places ads based on the domain age and number of backlinks. Backlinks only count if they are highly rated.

Back links

A website that has a low rating is boosted when it has back links to highly rated or authority sites. It is important to be aware of this rating and the desired keyword. The next step is to discover the websites that are highly ranked and use the specified keywords. Frequent backlinks to such sites can have the effect of appearing on the Google front page without paying a single cent.

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