If you are in the world of SEO, then it’s obvious to have questions about this process. We receive numerous SEO questions via email and very often these questions are received over and over again. Therefore, to make it simpler for everyone, we have created this page “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Here are the answers of the following questions which are frequently asked:

What makes you different from other SEO companies/agencies?

Our customized SEO services and straight forward results make us different from other SEO companies. We promise our clients to continue the optimization of their website until both of us achieve, as we believe to achieve higher rankings for ourselves.

Do you work with all websites?

Yes, we accept all the websites except adult and terrorists’ websites.

How many keywords/phrases can I target?

Quantity of keywords is not the main consideration; you should select and target only those keywords that are likely to give you the best return on investment. The SEO experts of SEO Rank Smart analyses all keywords and select and optimize for those keywords which can provide you the competitive edge.

How long does it take to see SEO results?

SEO is done to achieve higher ranking in search engines and achieving the ranking depends on several factors like age of your website, level of competition and search engine’s processes. For instance, if your site is new then it will take longer and if your site is well- established, then it can achieve ranking quickly. The clients of SEO Rank Smart start to see the results in few weeks, especially for local keywords.

Who will be handling my SEO if I hire you?

Our experienced consultants will handle your SEO and they are so knowledgeable that they can go beyond simple SEO and link building tactics and can create a customized strategy for your website. After this our managers oversees strategies for SEO projects.

What is your secret?

We don’t have any secrets. We are transparent and share all our knowledge and activities related to SEO. We just follow the Google guidelines and provide you the organic results. Hence, it brings more organic traffic and increases your conversion rate. Good results are achieved by balanced hard work and creativity.

How do you determine the cost of SEO services?

The cost of SEO services depends on the goals set by the company. SEO Rank Smart works with your company to assess the goals and then gives quote to the client. We promise you to provide the best ranking to your website within 45 days and if not then we return you 50 percent of your payment.

How often you give ranking reports?

We provide you the daily reports for our regular work done on your website which includes links created, on-page work done for your website. We provide you the ranking reports on weekly basis. Besides this we also provide you the traffic and analytic’s report monthly. We are transparent, that is why we are one of the SEO Company you can trust.

How do you achieve higher rankings?

We always follow the Google quality guidelines to achieve higher rankings in search engines. We take into consideration the following activities: press releases, directory submissions, article marketing, social book marking and blogging. We never implement black hat SEO techniques such as link farms, paid links etc.

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