One thing which needs to be understood by any SEO writer is that it’s different from article writing, content writing, news writing and story writing. When I started writing the content of websites I realized that my writing skills are exceptional and wrote pretty good content for many websites. Slowly I lost my interest in romantic books and got more involved in content writing.

Writing may very from person to person and thus it’s a personal thing. Some people are very creative and have immense talent for creative writing. Some people are good at writing ads. Some people excel in writing factual material. I was a bit confused as to in which category to do I fall. But soon I realized that I fall in the factual stuff category.

SEO article writing is very much similar to factual stuff writing. First you have to select a topic or keyword on which you want to write. Suppose you sell bathroom fittings, ok? in the SEO article writing process, list down ‘bathroom’ and ‘fittings’…words which are used by people all the time to address them. This first step is very crucial as your potential visitors will use these common words in order to find information about the products.

Now that you have selected the keywords for SEO article keywords as bathroom, fittings, bright, metal, brass and steel. Let’s start the SEO article writing process. First step is to write everything you know about the product and what you need to write. As a general article writing norm an article should not be less than 300 words and not more than 500 words. Over doing an SEO article with words will produce no results and a total waste of efforts. Now read thoroughly your article and replace words with the keywords you selected for SEO article writing.

While restructuring the senses do not overlook the sense of the sentences. The reason is search engines may not differentiate between correct and incorrect grammar, but your visitors will catch the mistakes. And I am sure you don’t want to send wrong message to your visitors that you are weak in language.

The last and final step in SEO article writing is to make sure that your thoughts are in a flow in the article. The thoughts should not be poured down on a visitor through bucket, but it should be like rain, drop by drop. And the arrangement of thoughts should be in a flow and not scattered here and there.