Google Penguin Update

If there is something that most of the webmasters thinks of when they hear about Google penalties, it is link removal. If you tried to recover from Google Penguin update by only removing links in the hope that penalty will be lifted, the reality is that the links that were helping you rank better are

Guest Blogging Dead or Alive

The popular SEO practice of writing guest posts for blogs, in the hope of boosting your website’s visibility on search engines has been criticized this week as the quality of the content decreased and the prevalence of poor quality content increased through guest blogging. If you are using guest posting as a way to gain

Google Changes That Reveal SEO Future

Google has made some huge changes in the last few months and all these changes are the part of long term strategy that has many factors. In nutshell Google is doing an awesome job of pushing those people away who do tactical or bad SEO and insisting them to move towards a more strategic approach.